• Here is where you can place your puppy deposit or place your final puppy payment.

    Thanks. 🙂

  • To our new puppy owners -

    There are three different payment options for paying the final balance on your puppy -Puppies cannot leave our home until final payments have cleared. Please plan accordingly, and pay well in advance. Final payment is $2,450 (after $500 deposit)


    Pay with a card

    If you would like to pay with a credit card just click the link in our puppy payment section on this website.


    Pay with a Check

    If you plan on writing a check for your puppy we ask that you mail the check at least two weeks before your puppy pickup date. This allows time for it to arrive in the mail, and clear in the bank. Please contact us for address and details if mailing a check. Puppies will not be able to leave unless checks have cleared.


    Pay at Pick Up -

    Cash only

    If you prefer to pay on site when you arrive to pick up your puppy, we will only be able to accept cash. Thanks for understanding.