• About Us

    We love our puppies!!!

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    -Raised in our home with our family

    We are not a kennel

    We live on a beautiful island in south Florida. Even though we are on an island with our beautiful Havanese, we are still located within the Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral area.


    Our dogs are a part of our family. We have a very small breeding program with our Havanese, and they live in our home with us. Puppies are always born and raised in our home with lots of love too! Our Havanese parents have wonderful temperaments and we are with them every single day. I am a stay-at-home-mom, and our family is always with our dogs and puppies.

    -Always loved, always in our home!

    We love our Havanese!

    Please visit our YouTube channel to see more of how we raise our sweet puppies.




  • Why Buy an Island Havanese Puppy?

    Because we do everything we can to give you and your new puppy the best start in life together.

    Healthy, Happy Dogs...

    I am a stay at home mom, and professional breeder. I have been blessed to not have to work outside the home. Therefore the puppies receive my utmost care and attention. Their parents are real dogs that live with real people - my family. Our dogs are healthy and happy or we would not breed them. We do not have parents with terrible temperaments that cannot be trusted with families and children. Our puppies have been proven to carry the same calm and happy traits as their parents. We believe this gives your puppy the best possible start in life. They are used to human interaction from day one. They are raised right in the middle of our home. This takes a lot more work on my part, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Potty Training Begun...

    All of our puppies have begun potty training and will be doing very well by the time they are ready to go home. We begin by training them to potty pads and by about 6 weeks they are going on the pads almost 100% of the time. I believe it is a huge plus to have puppies that are raised with clean surroundings. I always keep everything very clean in their play area. This is super important for house training success later on. When they are tiny and learn to use potty pads, this helps them transition to outside potty training much easier because they are learning that there are certain designated potty areas - such as the potty pad while they are young. They can transition outside if that is what you choose, or they can continue to use potty pads indoors if that is what your family chooses. My parents-in-law chose to stick with potty pads and trained their Havanese as they got older to go to the potty pad which was in their bathroom. The early potty pad training can help you housetrain your Havanese outdoors on the grass or indoors on potty pads, whatever option you chose for your puppy.

    Bio Sensory and Sound Desensitization...

    We use important elements of the bio-sensory program with our puppies, along with sound desensitization because we believe this gives your puppy the very best start in life. It creates resilient dogs that are ready to face the world and enjoy life. The bio-sensory program was developed by the military to give dogs that "super dog" edge.


    Once your puppy is feeling really "grown-up," at about 4 weeks of age, we begin using a pet sound desensitization program. This involves playing special sounds for your puppy. He or she will be used to hearing fireworks, sirens, thunder, doorbells, dog barks, cat meows and of course all of the sounds of our own busy household with kids!


    We want to do everything we can to help your puppy face the world with confidence and not fear. We cannot guarantee every puppy will never fear fireworks, thunder, or other things, but we sure will do our best to give him or her the best start in life with the best possible chance to overcome the fears that are so common to many dogs.

    First "Pawdicures" and Grooming Awareness...

    Since your Havanese is a long-coated breed it will have to be accustomed to frequent brushing, visits to the groomer, and of course, as in all breeds - nail trimming and baths. When your puppy leaves our home, he or she will have had at least two complete "pawdicures." 😊 When puppies are tiny, I prefer to use simple toenail clippers (for people), since it is easiest for me with their teeny, tiny nails! As they get older, you can use an Electric Pet Nail Groomer (a direct link to one is in the links and recommendations section of this website). It is nice to use a nail grinder for my dogs since it is easy to use, and runs a much smaller risk of cutting into the quick of the nail. Your puppy will also have experienced a bath, and having his or her coat brushed.


    Once the puppies arrive, you will receive fun "Pupdates" with pictures of your growing puppy! This is always a highlight for our puppy families, and we love to share pictures of our little cuties, to show their families how much they are growing! 🐶

    Puppy Take Home Items...

    Your puppy will go home with a gift bag. In it you will find a special blanket that has Mom, and siblings scent on it. Puppy will also get a new toy, a chew toy, and a small bag of the puppy food he or she has been eating. All of our puppies also come with a vet health certificate, and AKC paperwork so you can register your purebred puppy with the AKC.

    Complete Vet Health Check and First Vaccine...

    All of our puppies at 8 weeks of age, get their first vet checkup and first vaccine. You will receive a record of this vet check, in your puppy take home folder with a Florida Vet Health Certificate which also includes the record of their first vaccine from the vet.

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    Island Havanese

    We are a Florida Havanese breeder that only specializes in the

    Havanese breed.

    Lovingly raised from our home to yours!

    All of our Havanese dogs and puppies are registered with the AKC