• Meet the Parents!

    AKC Havanese - Island Princess Hazelnut Truffle

    Hazelnut Truffle ("Hazel") --Mommy - Retired

    Gorgeous brown and white parti AKC Havanese Female

    Our beautiful Hazel is 5 and just retired! She will not be having any more puppies at Island Havanese.


    Meet Hazel, our simply beautiful, AKC Havanese. She weighs 10 lbs. She has a wonderful calm temperament, and is not a barker. She is a chocolate and white parti-colored Havanese. She has the beautiful brown pigmentation in her nose and eye rims, which all chocolate Havanese should have. Her coat is such a pretty color. She follows me all around the house and is such a sweetheart! She has gorgeous yellow green eyes. She is a wonderful mommy to her pups, and always has such beautiful puppies!

    "Milo Melts My Heart"--Daddy

    Our AKC Havanese Male


    We just love our beautiful Milo! He is such a gorgeous boy! He is my buddy, and follows me everywhere! He always wants to be right by my side. Even when I go outside to water the plants, he hops up on the couch to stare out the window and make sure he has me in sight! He is such a good boy, and I have to say, quite the genius. I love him to bits! He is our only sire, and the father to all of our puppies here at Island Havanese. He always produces such beautiful puppies. Milo weighs 14 lbs.

    More About Milo

    Milo my sweetheart

    Milo follows me EVERYWHERE. He is such an amazing little guy. He is SO loyal and SO smart, and I love those qualities in a dog. In case you're wondering, how his color changed so much - this is very common in Havanese and happens at a young age (even by about 1 year old). For lots of detailed information on this, please read the section on this website about Havanese Colors. Milo's favorite spot is to sleep in my bed by my feet!

    More About Our Sweet Hazelnut - Retired

    Pretty Mama Hazel...

    She is 5 now, and has now retired 🙂❤️


    Hazel is so smart and sweet. She is such a quiet little lady with a cute attitude. Her favorite napping spot is the top corner of our couch. She sleeps up there on the couch just like a cat!

    Hazel is only 10 lbs, but full of personality. She is such a good girl.

    Hazel loves to go with me to the bank. As soon as she hears the word bank, she gets super excited, and runs to the door. Of course, having all the tellers at the bank as her friends helps since she often is given double treats at the bank! She is pretty spoiled, and when she hops in my bed, her favorite spot is on top of all the pillows at the top!

    Island Princess Grace

    Island Princess Grace from European lines...

    Meet Island Princess Grace - aka - "Gracie." She is a gorgeous black and tan Havanese. Her mother was imported from Europe and her grandmother is an International Champion. She carries some amazing colors in her lines with chocolates, black and tans, black and white piebalds and irish pieds. She has the sweetest personality and a beautiful silky coat. Her puppies often carry her incredible coat as well. She is such a sweetheart, and her favorite spot is right next to me in my bed. She has this funny thing she does where she just likes to smoosh up against us whenever she is sleeping for extreme cuddles! Gracie weighs 12 lbs.

    More about Gracie

    Sweet Gracie

    Gracie loves, loves, loves to cuddle. She literally has to make sure she is sardined right next to us whenever we sit down or lay down! She loves to be close, and is such a doll. She is a wonderful mother to her babies and has produced such gorgeous pups as well.

    Island Princess Sasha

    Our beautiful Sasha

    Meet Island Princess Sasha. She is a gorgeous black and tan Havanese. She carries some amazing colors in her lines with lots of chocolates, black and tans, and white and black too. Her pups are always such cuties. Sasha is very smart, fun, and has a beautiful silky coat. We are so happy to have her in our family. She is a wonderful dog. She is spunky, but at the same time very quiet and not a barker at all. Sasha weighs 9 lbs. She is playful, and has such a fun personality.

    More about Sasha

    Fun, sweet Sasha

    Sasha is best described by everyone in our family as "ALWAYS HAPPY!" She seems to always be smiling and is such a fun loving girl. She loves to hop up in our laps for cuddles, and loves to be close. She is such an adorable mother to her pups and just loves to play with them. When most doggy mother's wean their pups, they don't want much more to do with their pups. Sasha is different - she always wants to play and spend time with her babies. She loves being a mom! And when she doesn't have her own babies, she is busy being the best auntie, and mothering the other mamas babies too!

    Island Princess Pandy

    Our beautiful Pandy

    Meet Island Princess Pandy. She is a gorgeous black Irish pied Havanese. She carries some amazing colors in her lines including a father who was an adorable chocolate. She is tiny, at 8 pounds - the smallest of our Havanese, but she makes up for her tiny size with a bigger than life personality! She brings smiles to our family every day. Her funny antics always keep us laughing. Her favorite spot at night is the end of the bed right by my feet!

    More about Pandy

    Pandy the cutie

    Pandy is tiny but mighty. She rules the roost! It's pretty funny to watch the whole pack take instructions from Pandy. She doesn't seem to know how tiny she is. We love her dark face and gorgeous white markings. She loves to cuddle and always wants to be by our side. (If you notice, I have said that about all our Havanese --- because they ALL love to cuddle and be by our side!)

  • Milo

    Havanese = Love

    Adorable Milo Relaxing

    Our handsome Milo

    Milo loves his summer haircut! I can't resist the famous "puppy cut." It's one of my favorites on Milo. It makes him look just like a teddy bear. That's one thing I love about my Havanese - there are so many fun clips you can have them cut in. True, they are known for their gorgeous long coat, but not everyone may choose to have their Havanese in the full length coat. That's fine, and that is up to you. Our Havanese just want to be loved and cuddled and they really don't mind what your favorite doggy hairstyle may be! I have found mine love putting on a show each time they are done being groomed! They prance around the house showing everyone their "new-do!" For AKC show purposes, the long coat is a must, but for hanging out on your bed, snuggle time by the tv, going to the park, and playing by the pool, you may choose other styles for your Havanese. No one's going to judge you if you can't resist a certain hairstyle. Havanese have such an amazing coat that they can be clipped in a bunch of different styles. Always be sure to take a picture to your groomer. That way your groomer knows what style you have in mind for your precious pooch. And if you don't want to have your Havanese clipped, no problem! Just be sure to brush them every day or two to keep any matts from sneaking in to their beautiful coat.


    Milo was lying on his back, and we couldn't resist snapping this picture! He is such a fun little guy.


  • Fun Stuff...

    Your Havanese Puppy will come with his or her own Puppy Gift Bag which includes a blanket with the scent of his or her momma and litter-mates, and a puppy toy. Your puppy will also come with official AKC registration papers, some of the food he has been eating, and a FL vet check health certificate.

    Where does the rug end and the Havanese begin?

    Milo loves to carry cups and his bowls around.  At Christmas time, his favorite spot was under the Christmas tree. So, of course, he would carry his food bowl (with food!) under the tree, and happily munch away!

    Here he is again with a giant milk carton. We had it sitting by the door to toss in the recycle bin, but Milo got it before we could take it out! He really thought he hit the jackpot with a whole milk carton! (Don't worry, Mom took it away from him before he could get hurt!)