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    (Sasha and Milo's daughter)

    While researching dog breeds, we came across the Havanese, a quiet and sweet, low/no shedding companion dog that is easy to train and eager to please. We searched online for an AKC registered Havanese breeder and found Island Havanese, located in Florida. After reviewing their regularly updated website, which ranges from topics of pet product recommendations, their breeding and puppy program, tons of high quality photos of Havanese dogs, owner training tips and general information about the breed, we knew them to be responsible and caring Havanese breeders. We contacted Island Havanese using the online form, and Cherie was quick to follow-up and answered all our questions as well as share even more insight about the Havanese breed. She continued this level of prompt, knowledgeable and professional communication, even after we brought our puppy home! We lived close enough to meet the sire and dams, which solidified our interest for both the breed and breeder. The dogs were very well-mannered, and we melted once they snuggled up to us and we touched their incredibly soft, silky and beautifully maintained coats. Nine months later, at posting of this review, and we have had our puppy for over a month now. When we brought her home, she slept great from night one. She was well-trained on the puppy pads, likes kids and other pets, isn’t afraid of the vacuum or storms, keeps wiggles to a minimum at bath-time, barks to announce strangers and many other things I can only attribute to the great foundation she received from the breeder and puppy program. Our puppy gets many compliments for being sweet, attentive, behaved and just a joy to be around. Buying a puppy from Island Havanese is much more than just getting a dog. The entire experience was wonderful. Cherie provided regular updates, photos and videos, and lots of information. She is very thorough, provides reasoning behind her recommendations, and truly breeds happy and healthy dogs.


    The Lane Family

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    (Pandy and Milo's daughter)

    What an amazing experience with Island Havanese. My senior mother was seeking a puppy to keep a pep in her step. After protecting her from sending money to a fraudulent “puppy” operation, I explained what to look for in a quality breeder. She sent me the website for Island Havanese. Amazing website chock-full of fabulous detail, guidance and more - grounded in experience and knowledge for the Havanese breed. And then my mom experienced the amazing woman behind the website. Constant kind and patient communication: mommy is pregnant, mommy doing well, mommy gave birth, pictures of babies, more pictures of babies, videos of babies…along with answering a constant stream of questions along the way. I flew in to help my parents with receiving the pup and making sure all was well. What an amazingly, well adjusted, darling of a puppy. Clearly, this puppy only knew love in its life. Loving, gently playful, super silky soft, pad trained, smart. I was desperate to steal her away! I can’t thank Cherie and Island Havanese for not only being an amazing breeder of top-notch quality AKC dogs, but for being an absolute gem of a human.


    The Steinmetz Family

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    (Gracie and Milo's son)

    I'm so happy I found Island Havanese! We love this breed and were looking to add a pup to our family. Cherie was so responsive with all my emails, texts, phone calls. We are so happy with our puppy, he is a great addition to our family. If you are looking for a Havanese, I highly recommend Island Havanese.


    The Gershkoff Family

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    (Hazel and Milo's son)

    Our beautiful puppy Santi turned 8 months in December and he is such a gem. We have been so incredibly happy with our gorgeous puppy since day 1. He is very friendly, super sweet and stops to greet everyone who walks by (not an exaggeration). He follows us around everywhere (unless he's napping) and loves to explore the outdoors. He also gets along wonderfully with our 8-year-old Havanese and our young nieces and nephews. I have seen him go from being very excitable around another dog to gently playful with a toddler in the span of a minute. Santi never turns down a play session with people or dogs.

    Cherie is an incredible breeder. She was very responsive from the beginning and it is clear that her puppies are given so much love and care in their crucial first weeks. When I went to visit Cherie to meet Santi for the first time all of the puppies from his litter looked great and her adult dogs looked healthy and happy as well. I was surprised to see how calm our puppy was in his transition to our home and how well socialized he was to sounds and things like getting his ears and paws touched. He has gotten a clean bill of health at all of his vet visits and has tolerated all of his vaccines really well. Santi has all the hallmarks of a great puppy. He's happy, playful, loving, and friendly.

    Santi is truly a joy and I plan to get all of my future Havanese from Island Havanese. I recommend Island Havanese to anyone and everyone looking for a Havanese to join their family.


    -V RP

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    (Pandy and Milo's daughter)

    We picked up our beautiful puppy Faith a month ago when she was 8 weeks old. Every day since my husband and I have been grateful that we found Island Havanese on the AKC website. Faith is absolutely the most charming and lovable puppy. She seems to love everyone she meets and everyone seems to love her back. We attribute Faith’s wonderful personality to Cherie and her family who gave her the absolute best start. Cherie’s breeding program has rewarded us with a puppy that brings smiles and laughs on a daily basis. Even when the litter was born right before Ian struck the home of Island Havanese, we had constant contact from Cherie. Her sense of calm in the middle of the worst storm ever experienced in Southwest Florida eased our worry. We could tell that the canine mom, Pandy, and the human mom, Cherie, were keeping the pups safe and stress free. After the storm Cherie even kept in contact with progress reports and photos via text. Her efforts have rewarded us with a healthy, friendly, beautiful, smart puppy . The information on the website and the mailings sent before we picked up our pup gave us valuable information which has made raising Faith so easy. Cherie’s recommendations are priceless. What a blessing!

    _D. Walters

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    (Hazelnut and Milo's son)

    "Our beautiful amazing Havanese named Bruno came from the most awesome breeder Cherie at Island Havanese. He is so adorable, extremely smart, softest fur ever and the best puppy you could ask for. From the day we picked him up we instantly bonded with him and he was so good on the car ride to our house, He slept in the kitchen area with pee pads to begin our training and life with our new pup and we had no problems. He was used to sleeping on the tile floor and that was great for us because that's what he wanted to do here. Bruno has learned the ropes around here and we laugh everyday at his darling personality. I have had dogs all my life and have to say that this little guy is the best. Because of his lovely beginning with Cherie and her family it was an easy transition for us to continue to love him and train him. We are so grateful and happy to have our delightful Havanese!"


    The Boylans!

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    (Sasha and Milo's daughter)

    We found Island Havanese online when we decided on a Havanese. After losing our wonderful old labrador dogs of 9 and 14 years old, we decided we wanted a small dog. After much research on toy breeds, we decided a Havanese was the dog for us. We are so happy with our decision to go with Cherie at Island Havanese! Just reading all the information she has taken to write on her website about caring for her dogs and her puppies it was so obvious to us that she loves them and cares for them so well! After speaking with her, we knew we would be getting a wonderfully cared for puppy!


    Cherie has provided us with a wealth of information and resources for caring for our little Trixie from nutrition, health, grooming and more! I know that if I have any questions or concerns or need advice on caring for our puppy, she is an email, text or phone call away.


    We have had our little Trixie just over 2 weeks now and we are so happy with her! She is such a smart little puppy, she is doing so well with her training and already following simple commands and plays fetch with her mini tennis ball. She loves to snuggle after playtime and in the evenings! Her confidence is growing daily as she is learning to navigate her new home and yard. It is very apparent she was born and cared for in a loving home! She has adjusted beautifully to us and her new loving home!


    Thank you Cherie and Island Havanese for such a wonderful puppy!


    Christine and Joey

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    (Princess Pandy and Milo's daughter)




    We love Mia sooo much. She is an absolutely adorable beautiful animal. So loving and playful. Your puppies are the best bred with the best temperament. Thank you so much!!🥰



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    Miss Molly

    (Princess Rosie and Milo's daughter)



    I wanted to share how adorable Miss Molly is. We love her so much and she is so healthy!! I have referred a couple of folks recently.
    She is from Rosie’s litter last fall…...We just love her…...I tell everyone I can about you…..She also flew to Indiana with me last weekend and was amazing! That picture was in the Indianapolis airport. She is perfect! 🤩