• The Happy Havanese

    We only breed AKC registered Havanese. The Havanese is a beautiful, hypo-allergenic breed - famous for their beautiful coats which have sometimes been called "cotton floss." Oh, to pet a Havanese! If you're a dog lover like me, you'll understand! They truly are a "happy" dog! My Havanese are always by my side, ready to please, ready to play, or just relax. Whatever their master plans for the day, that is where our Havanese want to be! If you've never seen a Havanese in person, you are in for a treat! They have an adorable "bunny hop trot." Since a well bred Havanese has slightly shorter front legs than hind legs, they almost seem to hop or bounce through the yard! Our Havanese are a wonderful combination of size, coats, and personality. We know you'll just love your new Havanese puppy!


    The Havanese are a wonderful breed. They have been quickly rising in the ranks of the AKC popularity charts. Soon everyone will know about these amazing dogs. In Canada, they are already the number 6 dog breed in the country! (According to the Canadian Kennel Club's 2018 stats.)

    It won't be long, I am convinced, before the Havanese takes America by storm as they find out what a diamond this breed truly is.

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    Hazelnut Truffle "Hazel" our beautiful AKC Havanese female

    Chocolate Havanese