• How much is an Island Havanese puppy...

    Each puppy comes with official AKC registration papers. Puppies are $2,850 - male or female. After first contacting us to discuss if one of our Havanese puppies is right for you and your family, you can return to this section to click the link to place a deposit on your puppy. Deposits are $500. Remaining balance will be $2,350

  • What if I live far away? Can I still get a puppy?

    We want our puppies in the right home. Sometimes that home is far away! We have puppies living in wonderful homes all across the country. We do not ship our puppies, but there are several different options available to get your puppy to you if you don't live near us. Of course, we'd love for you to come to our home and meet us, and your new puppy's parents. However, sometimes we know that isn't possible, and there are other options.

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    You can fly and pick up your puppy, or hire a puppy flight nanny.

    Puppies can travel on a plane in a carry-on under your seat for a small fee charged by the airline.

    A lot of our families fly in, pick up their puppy, and fly back home with it. Others may consider hiring a friend to fly in and pick up the puppy for them.


    We encourage you to always check with your airline about their policies regarding the puppy traveling in the cabin with you before you book your tickets.


    We can also arrange to meet you at the Fort Myers or Punta Gorda airport with your puppy so you don't have to worry about renting a car, etc if you want to just fly in and fly out.

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    You can drive and pick up your puppy.

    A lot of our families also choose to take a road trip and drive to pick up their puppy.

    We do live on a lovely island in south Florida! We are located near the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples area